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Resolving Family Conflict through Mediation out of hours

Do you want to mediate but struggle during office hours?

Does your ex-partner live other end of the UK or a different country?

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How Trusted Mediators Barking and Dagenham Helps


Our partners can be our most valuable allies and sources of support. However, they can also cause the most profound wounds, leaving lasting scars. Conflict is an inevitable part of our everyday lives, manifesting in various scenarios. We are constantly seeking effective strategies to navigate these challenges with speed and efficiency. Utilizing mediation services can greatly reduce overall anxiety, facilitating the resolution of familial conflicts and repairing damaged bonds of kinship. It offers a unique and engaging approach to promoting harmony and understanding within relationships.​


Are you struggling to reach a settlement on your own? Fear not! A neutral mediator is here to assist both parties and guide them towards a mutually beneficial agreement. But what if direct negotiations fail? Enter long distance mediation - an innovative solution that offers better outcomes and saves you from the hassle and expense of unnecessary travel. Now, brace yourself for the future of mediation - virtual mediation! Say goodbye to pricey face-to-face meetings and hello to an efficient and cost-effective alternative. With the latest technological breakthroughs, relationship mediation services can now be conveniently accessed online. Highly-skilled, trained, and experienced mediators are ready to help you address your problems and find the best solutions. Don't let disputes drag on any longer. Embrace the power of mediation and unlock a straightforward path to resolution.


Looking to bridge the geographical gap in your relationship? Don't worry, there are various technological platforms available, such as telephone, Skype, or even video conferencing through Facetime, that can help bring individuals together from different parts of the world. When the going gets tough in your relationship, staying together may feel impossible. However, if you and your ex-partner are physically separated, long-distance mediation can offer a viable solution to help you resolve conflicts. A skilled mediator will keep both parties focused on a common goal, facilitating a quick movement forward in their lives. Managing relationship conflicts can be quite nerve-wracking. Often, communication breaks down, and meeting face-to-face becomes challenging. In such cases, long-distance mediation proves to be an ideal choice. While virtual mediation works wonders for resolving minor disputes that involve significant travel costs, it also demonstrates effectiveness in non-financial disagreements and disputes with substantial financial consequences. Moreover, skilled mediators can assist in resolving issues related to inheritance and establishing mutually acceptable compromises in situations where wills are unclearly worded. Engage in virtual mediation, and let distance be no barrier in resolving relationship conflicts and achieving mutually beneficial outcomes. ​

Evening & Weekend Flexible Appointments

Trusted Mediators, a reputable mediation service, understands the challenges of busy schedules and last-minute disputes. That’s why we offer flexible evening and weekend appointments to accommodate your needs. Booking an appointment is hassle-free and can be done online or over the phone. Our experienced mediators are available most days from 9 am to 8 pm, including weekends. At Trusted Mediators, we are dedicated to making mediation accessible to everyone. We pride ourselves on providing a unique and engaging service that is tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

Unsure If Mediation Is the Right Option?

Are you currently experiencing a conflict with someone? Instead of resorting to physical confrontation, allow our team to step in and offer our invaluable assistance! Our specialized mediation services are meticulously tailored to lead you towards a positive resolution that benefits all parties involved. By collaborating closely with our team of highly accredited mediators, you will have the opportunity to rebuild relationships, save valuable time, and avoid unnecessary expenses associated with courtroom battles. Rest assured, we are here to provide you with effective conflict resolution and ensure a tranquil outcome. Place your trust in us for an engaging and unparalleled experience.